Thank you for your past support of our foundation. Please know that Andrew’s Foundation is helping families with a child battling cancer. Through your generous support, you made Christmas 2012 a happier time for such a family. Below is an excerpt from a mom whose 2 children have received Bone Marrow Transplants. (We met while we were in the BMT unit).  The below is an excerpt posted from her Caring Bridge page. We thank all of you for living the spirit of caring to those affected by childhood cancer.  You made a difference in the life of this little boy Ethan who continues to battle the effects of HLH, a rare blood cancer.

“It is that time of year again and while a lot of others are getting prepared for Christmas and finding joy in their hearts, we too were getting ready around here. It was sort of feeling like Christmas but something was missing-just wasn’t sure what. I thought maybe this time of year was hard on us because we think back to the last several that we had-2 of which were spent in the bmt unit, the others-except for last year-spent away from family and most of them spent in STL. Maybe it was the fact that Ethan’s BMT was on the 22nd and while he is still with us today and we are so grateful for this-it is an emotional time. We spent 3 in a row in the hospital and each year I get scared we could be there again-maybe that was keeping me from feeling the peace, love, and joy?

I received a card in the mail with the sweetest picture on the front. It was from a dear friend who lost her precious son. He had went through bmt with Kristan and knowing this family over the years has brought us such joy-they are so supportive and just amazing people-THE best, like angels on earth. She had sent us a gift inside worth more than she could know. Christmas became full of hope to us…. It suddenly felt different. Her son Andrew loved Christmas and he loved shopping for everyone-such a caring loving child of God, whom is GREATLY missed. The message spoke to my heart. We decided we would take this gift and let Ethan shop–we wanted to let him experience the gift of giving. He has never had this before.

It is better to give than to receive.

This is exactly what we did while we were in STL yesterday for his clinic visit. He usually has a lot of anxiety going to his appt.–but he knew he was going to get to shop afterwards and he did. He is so excited over what he picked out and he will get to help wrap them today. Since his re-birthday falls on the same day we are doing our Christmas(his daddy has to work on Christmas Eve, so we are doing ours a couple days early) we are celebrating his re-birthday earlier to not take away from Jesus’ Birthday.

So tomorrow we will celebrate Ethan’s 5th Re-Birthday. This is when he will GIVE his gifts. I want our children to know where these came from–what wonderful people these gifts came from, and what an awesome child Andrew was and IS…..Thank you from the bottom of my heart The Andrew Olson Foundation.” Leeann

Please know it is YOU, all the kind people who donate to Andrew’s Foundation,  who made this experience  possible for Ethan. We are here to help other families in need during their child’s fight against cancer. If you know a family who needs help, please contact us. Please know that the Andrew Olson Foundation is a public charity, exempt from MO state and federal taxes under section 501 ( C) (3). THANK YOU for caring about a family affected by childhood cancer!

Wishing you good health, happiness, peace and love in the New Year!

Jacqueline Olson


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